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IC COMPLEX is an online system for a complex and intelligent configuration of fenestration products.

The system could be used as a B2B solution for your dealers in the country and abroad, with this online tool they will be able to configure, price and order products from any place with internet access. IC COMPLEX can also operate offline, which gives the opportunity to price products on a laptop or a tablet in even most remote places.

Your individual customers will gain a fantastic tool from designing their own windows, doors or awning. This configurator will be running on your website and will generate fast quotes for your customers and you at any time of the day. Depending on your business strategy, customers can even order their products which will speed up your sales process.

All IC COMPLEX modules will be operating online through you company’s website. There is no need to install any software on local computers to access the configurator. The quantity of users is not influencing the cost (no additional licence). IC COMPLEX can calculate price from available manufacturer’s pricelists or can be integrated with your ERP or production system.

Wycena i zakup 24h
Quotes and orders
Nieograniczona konfiguracja
No limit configuration
Zasięg globalny produktów
No geographical limits


Available modules:

Available modules:


Implementation of an IC COMPLEX module in your company will give you a competitive advantage by providing a modern and useful online system to your business partners. Anymore, there will be no need to handle quotes requests on paper, e-mail or fax. Your business partners will be able to generate pricing on their own and at any point of time they will be able to edit them or transfer it as an order to the manufacturer. Your end customers will be delighted to configure and price their products from their sofa, your sales people will know everything about them to close the deal.

This online configurator will increase the number of quotes and will speed up your sales process. Being the fastest to deliver a quote, gives you a higher chance to win a new customer.

Główne atuty dla producentów

IC COMPLEX advantages

for you and your business partners

  • automated system for product sizes and parameters adjustments,
  • easy pricing management and definition of boundary conditions,
  • quoting and ordering process does not involve your staff,
  • ability to easily customize the look and all algorithms,
  • e-mail notification to staff and clients about quotes and orders,
  • easy configuration settings management.

IC COMPLEX advantages

for your customers

  • user-friendly platform to price and order fenestration products 24/7,
  • ability to configure all product parameters without expert knowledge,
  • automated price calculation - within one click, your customer may choose a cheaper or a more expensive product option,
  • quotes can be edit at any time by the client,
  • your customer will not wait anymore for his/her offer.
Główne atuty dla klientów

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Quality online experience

IC COMPLEX is infallible and omniscient seller of fenestration products. This system will never forget to offer all the options available to the product. Your business partners, dealers and end customers will always be able to generate quotes and offers, precision of the configuration will give them a great experience through your website.

It is a “must have” solution, as more and more potential buyers start their research for new windows and doors online. You need just to provide an adequate tool to catch their attention.