Each IC COMPLEX configurator implementation is a new challenge, which is why pre-implementation analysis is the most important step in the creation of the system.

Our specialists initially estimates the scale of the project and will be able to put forward the recommended budget for the project. Then, together we choose precise functionalities and related system components to creat a technical documentation of the project.

The implementation project will be devided in different steps, whcich will be crossed check with the client to ensure the best outcome. You will take part in shaping the configurator to your specific needs and we will help you to choose best functionalities.

Projects dedicated only to your partners or dealers will vary from configurators dedicated to end customers.

There is no need to invest in infrastructure, IC COMPLEX provides all the background system, servers and technical support.


Integration with other systems

System finansowo-księgowy ERP
System produkcyjny Production software
System handlowy CRM
System magazynowy WMS

Implementation process

1. Research Pre-impelemntion analysis will be conducted by our team. A teachnical documentation of the project will be created.
2. Design During this phase, we will plan and design all the elements and functionalities of the configurator.
3. Develop Development phase will concentrate on adapting IC COMPLEX module to the project, progrmming and testing the application.
4. Deliver When the system is ready, we will deliver it on the final server. In the initial phase, a close collabortion with the client is crucial.